Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to


Pattern Recognition and Applications
Data Mining Foundations & Applications
Feature Extraction
Parallel and Distributed Data mining Algorithms
Bayes Decision Theory
Data Streams Mining, Graph Mining
Maximum Likelihood Estimation
Machine learning for data mining
Probability Density Estimation
Statistical methods for data mining
Dimensionality Problem
Multimedia Data Minin
Multiple Discriminant Analysis
Spatial Data mining, Text Video
Perceptron Criterion
Web Mining
MSE Criterion
Pre-processing Technique
Linear Discriminator (Tutorial)
Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition
Security and Information Hiding in Data Mining
Support Vector Machine
Unsupervised Learning -Clustering
Clustering and biclustering
Image Analysis
Audio and Speech Analysis
  Financial Modeling
Temporal Pattern Recognition
Human face recognition and animation   Classification
Motion Tracking and Action Recognition   Social Networks
Natural Language Processing
  Educational Data Mining
  Data and Knowledge Representation
Sensors and Early Vision
Integration of Data Warehousing
Virtual Environments
Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
Data Mining and Algorithms for Big Data
Document Analysis
Image and Video Analysis and Understanding
Industry Related Applications
Information Retrieval
Medical Imaging




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